Dispatch Insights
Active Shooter Webinar: 3 Critical Facts about Active Shooters & Terrorism
  • Examine the threat in the United States
  • Review a number of recent Active Shooter & Terrorism Incidents
  • Examine potential threats for attackers and potential locations

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Oklahoma City Bombing Webinar: Lessons learned 20 years later
  • Examine what happened that day
  • Find out the real impact on communications
  • Discuss the lessons learned

Research Briefing: NG9-1-1 Recording Overview
  • NG9-1-1 Purpose and Overview
  • Dispatch Center Impact
  • Legacy Recording vs. NG Recording

Video Overview: Recording Motorola MCC7500 Astro P25 Radio/RoIP with Equature.
  • Record all radio including dispatch, car to car, encrypted & dispatch override transmissions.
  • See the power of a unified capture interface for the end users
  • Learn why “Endpoint Reassignment” is critical for your users

Books & Publications:

Human Energy: An Innovative Guide to Building World-Class Organizations
  • The Power of Team Member Engagement
  • The Real Costs of dis-engaged employees
  • How to Harvest employee strengths
  • The damage caused by dis-engaged employees on the rest of the team

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How to Buy Technology: NG9-1-1 Recording & Dispatch Improvement
  • How to improve dispatch operations
  • How to eliminate call recording buying headaches
  • Full definitions of 9-1-1 call recording technology jargon

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